1858 Campaign

Reinterpreting the Minerva pocket watches and chronographs from the 1920s and 1930s that were meant for military and mountaineers, these timepieces embody a vintage character with a modern twist. The Collection features distinctive aesthetics, innovative complications, a mix of carefully selected materials and a choice of different case sizes.


Sometimes, taking a moment to detach from the fast pace of everyday life is the most worthwhile things one can do. This year, Montblanc follows two men who believe the exploration of nature offers inner clarity, ultimately leading to personal reconnection and an inspired, renewed strength for the road ahead.

Dennis Leupold - Fashion & Celebrity Photographer.

The world of high fashion slows down for no one. Dennis Leupold, who’s photographed the world’s top celebrities, from Rhianna to Kim Kardashian, often feels the need to step away and take a moment for himself.

“Sometimes I have to take a break. Go somewhere else. Travel. Be by myself… venture off into nature.”

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The Tallest Man on Earth

Musician Kristian Matsson, also known as The Tallest Man on Earth, is renowned for his indie-folk albums, poetic lyrics and unique vocal style. Matsson is a man of contrasts, he needs the bustle of busy tour life to fuel his song writing, but also requires the calmness of nature to gather inspiration and reconnect to himself.

“Nature brings me closer to how I want to feel.”